The Story

The Monster


Lurch Monster’s Tilly Butcher was opened on the 7th of September in 2011 by Liam Scott (Lurch Monster) at the age of 23. Liam began training as an apprentice butcher at 16 in 2004, serving his apprenticeship at Laidlaw Butcher in Aberdeen, where the moniker of Lurch was appointed. The Tilly Butcher’s produce has annually racked up awards at local shows. Located on Hayton Road in Tillydrone, a community suburb of Aberdeen and is open 6 Days a week; because Lurch doesn’t sleep, he waits.


Lurch Monster’s Tilly Butcher First Opened in September Of 2011, since then it has built an unrivalled, rock solid reputation as the Greatest Butcher Shop In Aberdeen with an ever expanding list of original & unique products and unprecedented customer care while using only best of local, quality produce from around the city and shire.


Over the years the shop’s positive reputation has spread all over the UK through word of mouth, on the sister site;, with the em.. ‘BAFTA nominated’ ‘Cooking With Lurch’ smash hit YouTube series and on The DHB Radio show and the Attack of the Vampre podcast, but mainly through the shops Facebook account.


‘Every time I create something new, weird and wonderful, I’ll unavailable it on the shop’s Facebook page. Then within a couple of hours, according to facebook’s insights it will have been seen by at least a fair few thousand people, it's pretty crazy'

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