Lurch's Super Awesome

Multi-Award-Winning Sausages

Lurch’s Dorito Sausages. 
A Mexican Nacho Sausage; Lurch's Super Secret Mexican Pork Chilli, Cool Doritos and lumps Buffalo Mozzarella. 
~These Bad Boys Won 4th Place At The 2014 Echt Show~
Championship Pork Sausages


Each year since 2011, Lurch's Pork Sausages have Won several prestigious awards, Overall Champion, 5x - 1st Prize Awards, Echt Show Champion, Dalziel Cup Champion, 4x 2nd place Awards, Best Exhibit,

So be sure to come and try the Best Pork Sausages in Aberdeen.

Lurch’s Steak, Gravy & Mealie Sausages. 
A Retake on The Traditional Steak Sausage; Aberdeen Angus Chuck, Brisket & Flank Steak, Mixed with Lurch's Mealie Stuffing and light Gravy. 
~The Ultimate Stewed Sausage~