Lurch's £20 Pick & Mix

Here at Aberdeen’s Award Winning Tilly Butcher we know how hard it is trying to buy quality food on a tight budget - step forward Lurch Monster’s £20 Pick & Mix.


Now with over 60 of our best and Awarding Winning, local products to choose from all for £20, you’ll never get bored with the same food again.


500g Extra Lean Steak Mince

500g Pork Sausages 

500g Chicken & Turkey Bacon Sausages

500g Steak, Gravy & Mealie Sausages 

500g Hunter’s Chicken Sausages

500g Pork & Black Pudding Sausages

500g Chorizo & Black Pudding Sausages

500g Dorito Sausages 

500g Angus & Beetroot Sausages

500g Charred Jalapeno & Brisket Sausages

500g Sweet Chilli & Wasabi Sausages

500g Irn Bru Sausages

500g Sliced Spaul Or Sliced Back-Vein

500g Sliced Ox Liver

500g Diced Lean Steak

500g Diced Chicken Or Diced Pork

500g Rolled Pork Or Rolled Gammon

500g Lean Rolled Topside Or Silverside

500g Lean Rolled Brisket Or Plate

500g Back Bacon Or Smoked Bacon

500g BBQ Ribs Or Chilli & Tequila Ribs

400g Minute Steaks or Shredded Steak

400g Salt & Chilli Or FireCracker Chicken

400g Chicken Curry Or Chinese Chicken

400g Argentine Or Dragon’s Steak Stir-fry

400g Korean BBQ Or Tennessee Pork

400g Shredded Chilli Chicken Stir-fry

400g Popcorn Chicken Or Chicken Satay

400g Crispy Chicken Fajitas

400g Three Cheese Chicken Strips

12x Free Range Jumbo Eggs

8x Meatballs 

4x Marinated Chicken Kebabs

4x Pork Chops

4x Oatmeal Beef Olives

4x Lean Angus Steak Burgers

4x Cheese Burgers Or Steak & Bacon Burgers

4x Pork & Toffee Apple Cider Burgers

4x Garlic Bread Pepperoni Rolls

2x Stuffed Lava Burgers

2x Chilli Willy Steaks

2x Chicken Breasts

2x Cajun Keivs or Garlic Keivs

2x Garlic Butter Dorito Chicken

 2x Chicken Olives Or Hunter’s Chicken

 2x Giant Pin Wheels

 2x Gammon Steaks

 2x Chinese Pork Chops

 2x Garlic Butter Pork Chops

 2x Chilli & Tequila Pork Chops

 2x Marinated Chicken Breasts

 2x Jim Beam BBQ Pork Fillet Steaks

 1x BBQ, Cola Or Jerk Skirt Steak

 1x Pack Smoked Turkey Bacon

 1x BBQ or Funcy Meatloaf

 1x Free Range Chicken

Also if you buy one of these you can get -

5KG of Chicken Breasts for £19.50 (RRP £25)

and or

2.2KG of Lean Steak Mince for £15 (RRP £22.50)