So to get started click on the 'Shop' tab at the top of the page,


This will take you to a list of 7 mixed packs (to start with),


Choose the pack you want, add it to the 'cart',


Then proceed to the check out, and pay using PayPal.



When you add the pack you want to the cart the price of Shipping, which is currently £10, is added to the total.Your order will be freshly made the next working day and shock frozen, it will then be packed & picked up by the courier the next day and delivered to you the following day.



  • Order Placed - Monday,

  • Made - Tuesday, 

  • Picked up - Wednesday

  • Delivered - Thursday


How it Works

Please Note: Lurch's £20 Pick & Mix is an in-store only deal available solely at the Tilly Butcher.


How Do I Get My Order?


Your order will be freshly made and shock frozen, this is to help maintain the appropriate temperature during transport. your order is then boxed into a Styrofoam box with sorba-freeze sheets to again maintain the temperature. the Styrofoam box is then place into a cardboard box for transporting. it's then collected and sent to you for the next working day. you will be informed when your order has left The Tilly Butcher, and should you miss the delivery, the sorba-freeze sheets will maintain the appropriate temperature for 48-hours after leaving the Tilly Butcher, allowing you plenty of time to arrange for a redelivery or collection.


Super Easy Shopping and Delivery




£10 Flat Rate Shipping for Weekday Deliveries
Delivery Available Soon
a week


£20 Pick &
Mix Is Only
Available In-Store At THE TILLY BUTCHER